Polyurethane Resin Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting resin is an established production method, used for the last 40+ years to make miniatures. Resin production is widely regarded as giving the most detailed results, as well as being the easiest and forgiving casting method to design miniatures for. 

Here at Zealot, we have been casting resin miniatures for over a decade and in that time, we have gotten rather good at it. We can supply anything from small batches of castings, to thousands of castings of a miniatures range.

We can also work on specialist requirement projects, such as presentation models, functional prototypes, proof of concept models or casts for specialist applications.

It is also possible for us to produce in a range of premium materials such as clear resin for see-through castings, heat resistant brass core resin for high-temperature resistance masters or flexible resin for rubber-like properties.

We use a hybrid method of vacuum casting and pressure casting, to get the finest detail results, with the fewest gates and sprues on your miniatures as possible. If you are looking for the best-detailed models, produced in the UK, vacuum cast resin would suit you.

  • We are able to cast parts up to 300mm in the longest dimension. Larger pieces can be broken down into parts if required. 
  • Typical batch sizes are between 25 and 250 units of a model. Although larger volumes are possible, depending on your requirements and deadlines. Contact us to discuss.
  • Our minimum order quantity is 25 castings.
  • Typical shrinkage factor is 0.5%
  • Thinnest part thickness is 0.5mm. But also dependant on part geometry.
  • Resin is cast in RTV silicone moulds. To be suitable for mouldmaking, parts must be non-porous (not wood, air drying clay, etc) and be solid (not hollow).
  • Coloured resins are charged at a premium rate and we do not guarantee colour matching. We produce 99% of our product in grey.

See our Working with Resin Guide for more information on how to work with resin.

For a resin production quote, just Contact Us.