Nostalgic, Quality White Metal

The favorite material of those who like a weighty metal miniature in their hand. White metal (which is an alloy similar to pewter) is a detailed and durable material for miniatures. The moulds are made from vulcanized rubber, which requires masters to be processed under heat and pressure. The metal is melted and poured into centrifugal spinning moulds, which forces the metal into all the fine details of the model. The hardness of the moulds means that this material is not best suited to parts with lots of undercuts. Our white metal is lead free.

Spincast Medium-run Miniatures

Spincast metal models are priced mainly upon the weight and volume of the parts produced. Smaller parts (like a set of swords) will work out very quick and cheap to produce, whereas large models with a lot of mass will get expensive quickly. Metal is faster to produce than vacuum cast resin, but slower than injection plastic. The initial investment in the vulcanised moulds is higher than resin, but the moulds last longer. And of course, Metal Casts have that nostalgic 90’s quality which many older hobbyists prefer.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can review if your products are suitable for white metal casting.