Contract Production Terms


In this document the phrases and/or words:
“customer”, “you”, “your” means the company or individual identified in the attached quotation.
“Zealot Miniatures”, “we”, “us”, “our” means Zealot Miniatures Ltd a trading company. A production agreement with us shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby expressly submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts

1. These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with all contents of the attached quote.

2. Our service is to provide you with prototypes, or models, that have been commissioned by you. The prototypes/models will be built according to the detailed information, such as .stl files, you supply to us. We will endeavour to work with our customers to help provide the best prototyping solution, however where we have built parts to your specifications and within the tolerances set out below, the responsibility for the satisfactory fit or function of the parts remains with you. Where we are able, we will offer advice, however any such advice given by us is offered as an opinion only and we can take no responsibility as to the result of taking an indicated course of action beyond our contractual obligation to provide an agreed service.

DOD Wax components manufactured by us are intended for prototyping purposes only. DLP Resin components manufactured by us are intended for prototyping purposes only. FDM Plastic components manufactured by us are intended for prototyping purposes only.

We make no warranty as to the suitability of the parts for any particular purpose. However we will endeavour to supply as much information as possible to enable you to make your own assessment on the suitability of the parts for the intended use

3. Zealot Miniatures Ltd total liability under the acceptance of this work shall not exceed an amount equal to the fee.

4. The quotation is valid for thirty days from date given and does not include VAT or delivery. Packaging is free and delivery is charged at cost with a minimum of £5.50 per item shipped. Please advise on placement of order if parts to be collected or delivered. For deliveries please advise time of day for delivery.

5. Payment is on a pro-forma basis. Payment is required before goods are dispatched. All parts remain property of Zealot Miniatures Ltd until cleared payment is received. Where payment has not been received after 45 days of invoice, we are granted unlimited non-exclusive worldwide reproduction and distribution rights on prototypes, up until your cleared payment is received. In the case of your non-payment, we reserve the right to recoup our costs through the sale of prototypes, casts or production rights.

6. Unless otherwise specified in this quote, the price for DOD Wax, DLP Resin or FDM Plastic models is for unfinished models with only the building support structures removed and surface clean. The micro steps that occur as a part of the build process will remain.

7. Faceting is a natural feature of low polycount .stl files, where it is excessive and visibly evident we will endeavour to advise you before commencing the build. However, you are responsible for the quality and accuracy of the 3D data supplied to us, including the extent of faceting, and therefore parts that you consider need to be rebuilt will be charged at the full price indicated in this quote.

8. We warrant that unless stated to the contrary in the supplied quote, any silicone rubber tool will provide at least 20 castings from each impression in the tool. In most circumstances however, tools can provide many more castings and, if specifically requested, we will advise on a case by case basis the warranted life time of the tool and the best case life time of the tool. Where you have supplied the master model, no warranty is offered on the life of the silicone rubber tool. If, due to the materials or other defect of the supplied master model the tooling process fails you will be charged the cost of producing the rubber tool. Vacuum cast parts will be accurate to supplied dimensions within a tolerance of 0.5% in X, Y and Z axis or 0.5mm whichever is the greater.

9. On occasions or during busy periods, we reserve the right to be assisted by our long term partner companies with mould making or casting, in order to meet your required deadline or timescales for production.

10. Silicone rubber tools will remain the property of Zealot Miniatures at all times, unless paid for in an issued invoice. If paid for, you are able to request delivery of the tool (charged at normal delivery cost). Upon despatch from our premises, any previous warranty on the life time of the tool is immediately invalidated.

11. Vacuum castings are manufactured from polyurethane based resins that have been designed to mimic the general physical characteristics of various injection moulded plastics. The extent to which their characteristics are similar to the stated thermo-plastic may vary slightly from the supplied data. We therefore cannot guarantee an exact match.

12. You grant us the right to use images of the work done for you, in our promotional material, after the general release of your product. Unless expressly stated to us in writing you do not wish us to do so.

Colour matching is subjective and can depend on the availability of pigments. We therefore do not warrant the accuracy of colour matching whether to a supplied sample or Pantone etc. reference. If a colour would appear to be unlikely to be satisfactorily matched we would advise either: prior to commencement of the first stage of the work ordered, or: prior to carrying out the next stage, if part of the work had already been ordered. Where different polyurethane resins are used, the same pigment can lead to variations in the final part colour. Subsequent orders of parts are not warranted to match previously manufactured parts. If on placing your initial order you advise of the probable maximum numbers expected then the chances of consistent colouring are significantly improved.