We Are Zealot Miniatures

Every Miniature is Crafted with Passion

For over 10 years, Zealot has been making digitally sculpted fantasy and sci-fi miniatures, as well as offering prototype and manufacturing services to other companies. We create all our artisan miniatures here in the UK, with time-tested traditional methods, combined with industry-leading new technology. It may be little miniature goblins and elves that we make, but getting you the best quality models, we take very seriously!

services to other companies:

If you are interested in the following services, please get in touch with us to start discussing your ideas.

3D Scanning

High-resolution miniature scanning and reverse engineering, down to 12-micron accuracy.

3D Printing

Industry-leading detail down to 13-micron accuracy or manufacturing with the 3D Print Farm.

Resin Casting

Polyurethane vacuum cast resin services with 22 years combined experience.

Metal Casting

Spincast white metal, English Pewter. For nostalgic style metal miniatures.

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding in thermoplastic, for mass manufacture of detailed miniatures.