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“Damaged your sword by hacking up goblins? Yes, we all know how fast a good blade can blunt under these harsh conditions.
That is why you need a quality Grindstone to restore that keen edge after every adventure.
With the Merlin and Marlin Co. Grindstone, the stone is 100% Albion Sandstone, whereas competitors’ cheaper alternatives give you brittle imported Al’Kharad stone. The sturdy bench made from solid oak has a 15 year warranty. Our patented crank handle is effective at generating fast turns, whilst also being anti-callous and kind to your squire’s hands as they turn it!
You can effortlessly wet the stone with the ergonomically placed bucket above, never fumble for water mid-grind ever again!
With the Merlin and Marlin Co. Grindstone, your blades will be restored to a keen razor edge with minimal effort*. Order now for a 1 moons money back guarantee!

* Minimal effort assured for persons grinding. Not for persons operating the crank.

– Sales brochure by Merlin and Marlin Co.

Hand cast in high quality resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for most popular
dungeon RPG Games. Supplied unpainted and may require assembly or clean
up. This product is not a toy and is not intended for persons under the
age of 8.

Sculpt by: Marcin Cesot

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