Accursed Shrines


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So you have that perfect room, ready to convert into your own Accursed Chamber? You really want to make regular blood sacrifices to the dark gods?

But you just can’t get the decor right. We all know that familiar feeling! – You need the correct candle mood lighting, just the right ratio of bones and skulls to set the vibe. A handy dish you can fill with virgin blood. And spiky rock with a hole through it?

Well, look no further! With the Zealot Miniatures Accursed Chamber pack, we include everything you need to make your sacrificial summoning rituals the envy of the neighborhood!

Cast in resin at heroic 28mm scale. Sculpted by Ristul

Hand cast in high quality resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for most
popular dungeon RPG Games. Supplied unpainted and may require assembly
or clean up. This product is not a toy and is not intended for persons
under the age of 8.

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