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Siege Minotaur


  • Round Plastic, 50mm
  • Square Plastic, 50mm
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Minotaurs have never really had a problem getting at their foes who shelter inside regular buildings. But sometimes a building such as a Keep or Castle requires a little more force to break open. The Siege Minotaur is a hulking brute with a ram made from stone, wood and metal. Guaranteed to have any door down in under 3 minutes.

One Siege Minotaur.
Standing approx 55mm tall and supplied with a choice of round or square plain plastic bases, selected below.
Various size scenic bases (photoed) are available elsewhere in the store.

This collector’s miniature is cast in quality PU Resin and requires assembly with ‘superglue’ and in some cases, light clean up of the gates or other areas will be needed before assembly and painting.

This is not a toy and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 8.
Sculpted by Alexei Popovici and produced by Zealot Miniatures Ltd.

The Minotaur Horde Collection.

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Base Type

Round Plastic, 50mm, Square Plastic, 50mm

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