Myrina, Barbarian


  • Rectangular, Plastic
  • Round Slotta, Plastic
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She was born to kill, and longed for war. All she wanted was revenge against the creatures that slaughtered her entire village. She would
scour the earth to find them ..or at least that’s what she likes to tell people. In reality, her family is very much alive and well – she even likes to make it back home once or twice a year to visit Nana. (Oh and that’s not real fur – she likes animals really.)
But if she told people that story, she’d never gain a good reputation to make it as a mercenary!
However don’t be fooled into thinking Myrina isn’t a certified badass – while she may wear a facade, her skills with a blade are very much
real (and we’d recommend sticking to her good side).

One resin model of a Female Barbarian.

Standing approx 32mm tall and supplied with your choice of either rectangular or round base.

This collector’s miniature is cast in quality PU Resin and requires assembly with ‘superglue’ and in some cases, light clean up of the gates or other areas will be needed before assembly and painting.
This is not a toy and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 8.

Sculpted by Boris Woloszyn

The choice of Standard Resin is for the gamers, it is on par with a lot of other companies’ resins: The details are good but the resin is not as flexible and is more glossy than the Premium Resin offering. There are more gates and sprues to clean up.

The Litchmyre Dungeon Collection.

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Rectangular, Plastic, Round Slotta, Plastic


Premium, Standard (Limited)

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