Gothic Dresser / Cupboard


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The modular Gothic Dresser is a large scenery piece which can be assembled as a set of shelves by attaching the shelf pieces, which slide in. Or as cupboard, by attaching the door pieces, gluing them to the front.

The top section can be used together with the base part for one tall furniture piece, or separately to create two lower scenery items.

The base section also works well to transform the “Library Bookcase” into a taller and “Grand Library Bookcase”. 65mm x 21mm footprint.

Cast in resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for Dungeon RP games. Figure shown for scale purposes

Hand cast in high quality resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for most popular dungeon RPG Games. Supplied unpainted and may require assembly or clean up. This product is not a toy and is not intended for persons under the age of 8.

Sculpt by: Marcin Cecot

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