Balista Minotaur


  • Round Plastic, 50mm
  • Square Plastic, 50mm
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It is not often that Minotaurs wield ranged weapons. They find them too puny, fiddly and hard to create. But the smartest minotaurs are able to use and maintain huge Balista crossbows, firing bolts longer than a man. Granted, they may change their minds half way through a battle and swing the Balista like a club. But there is an attempt at ranged warfare at least!

One Balista Minotaur.
Standing approx 55mm tall and supplied with a choice of round or square plain plastic bases, selected below.
Various sizes of Scenic Base (photoed) are available elsewhere in the store.

This collector’s miniature is cast in quality PU Resin and requires assembly with ‘superglue’ and in some cases, light clean up of the gates or other areas will be needed before assembly and painting.

This is not a toy and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 8.
Sculpted by Alexei Popovici and produced by Zealot Miniatures Ltd.

The Minotaur Horde Collection.

Weight 0.065 kg
Base Type

Round Plastic, 50mm, Square Plastic, 50mm

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