Aegis VII Mechanized Combat Unit


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“For a wise military investment this quarter, chose to upgrade your mechanized capabilities with the dynamic durability of the Aegis VII mechanized combat unit. Towering above regular foot soldiers, it is an imposing presence on any battlefield, which presents a distinct tactical advantage to any military commander.

The base unit can be widely configured with our patented weapon module attachments, which allows the Aegis VII to be loaded to excel in any combat situation. With external components built from 83% nano-fiber durasteel, you can be assured of higher surviveability, making the Aegis VII is practically impenetrable by standard small arms fire.

For a no obligations test pilot, contact our sales team direct on 0800-761-LM21 and experience the Aegis effect first hand.”

– Aegis VII sales brochure, S.S.C PLC [Strategic Synthetic Creations PLC]

This is an advanced resin kit to make one Aegis VII mech, it can be posed in near endless ways. Please see breakdown image. Advised is using super glue and epoxy putty to assemble, the putty can be used to pad out the shoulder sockets if you want the arms to be posed further away from the body.

Space to mount some small weapons and upgrades on the forearms and shoulders.

Around 55mm tall depending on pose of legs.

Sculpted by Francesco Antonio Pizzo. Painted by Adam Skinner.

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