TC Dungeon Doors General Release – How, Where, Why, When?

TC Dungeon Doors General Release – How, Where, Why, When?

Double Door Closed

If you are actively following us on Facebook or get the updates from the Kickstarter whizzing into your inbox each month, then you will no doubt be aware that we are midway through fulfillment and dispatching our first and madly successful Kickstarter. I’m pleased to say we are nudging 50% done, and as the process has sped up a LOT since the beginning; the second half of dispatch is due to be much faster than the first too!

In true Kickstarter fashion, unfortunately the dispatch has taken much longer than predicted (lots of freebies for all the backers 😛 ) which, is the only real drawback of this project: The sculpts have been fantastically received, the positive feedback on the quality has been overwhelming and we haven’t had a single negative review from a fulfilled backer! (a few minor mis-packs or pieces damaged in the post is the worst it gets! astounding success)

But what we can all agree on is that FASTER KS dispatch would be nice!

So one of our methods to speed things up and dispatch the KS backers faster, is to take the pressure off Bill and Andy, who are casting in-house here. This involves outsourcing casting of the Doors, the simple pieces which would actually be suitable for a more mass-manufacture scale of production. We spent ages consulting with companies and buying sample casts, until we have now got ourselves some great partners who produce quality castings that (dare i say it?) rival our own.
Now the only problem is that the KS funds didn’t stretch to changing to outsourced production :/ we hadn’t budgeted for this expense. But it really would be a big boost to dispatching faster and keeping KS backers happy!

After a bit of pondering, I decided  to pay personally to get all the doors into mass production. The most important thing is that Single Door ClosedKS backers get their great minis as soon as we physically can! After the initial outlay, we now have thousands of doors! Enough doors to fulfill all the remaining Kickstarter backers and with thousands to spare! Yep, mass manufacturing is great.

The good news, if you are a KS backer, is dispatch will be going a little faster now as your doors are already cast 😀
And the great news if you are not a KS backer and waiting on general release, is that all the extra doors can be sold on and will be available this week! The income from these sales will go towards hiring new staff to further speed up KS dispatch.

Thanks to all our customers and KS backers who have supported us over the last year!

Good luck down there, adventurer.