Blood Infected Scythrians (4 options) – 3D Printed to order


  • Awakened Divine Blood
  • Blood Infected Scythrian 1
  • Blood Infected Scythrian 2
  • Blood Infected Scythrian 3
  • Full Set
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*Printed to order* Please note orders with 3D prints will take up to 10 days to process.

Blood Infected Scythrians

A Blood Infected Scythrian is a dead body, raised and manipulated directly, like a dummy, powered by divine blood. Flesh of the once-proud warrior is engulfed by thick ichor that makes it pursue still-living prey silently and relentlessly.

Sinuous as a serpent, swift as a lightning in its attacks, unpredictable in its movements, this undead monster is a terrifying foe even for a brave warrior. Every part of his cursed body is a dangerous weapon, and even at distance this creature can reach its target.

Awakened Divine Blood

The power of the goods is so fathomless and boundlessly great that even their spilled blood may take on life for indefinite time.

The living blood, having absorbed the emotions felt by its owner in the moment of injury, will inflict its mad savagery on everything around. Be wary of it, and be especially beware of its burning acid kiss.


Choose from:

  • 3x Blood Infected Scythrians
  • 1x Awakened Divine Blood

3D Print with supports.

Dimensions approx 50-55mm H


This is not a toy and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 8.

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Awakened Divine Blood, Blood Infected Scythrian 1, Blood Infected Scythrian 2, Blood Infected Scythrian 3, Full Set

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